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Burglary Protection + Fire Protection


Megasafe Industries is proud to introduce to you its new TL-30 high security safe. Designed, tested, and built by one of the most experienced teams of high security safe experts ever assembled. The same team that succeeded with the only U.L. approved TXTL-60 safe in the world. The Megasafe TL-30 is unsurpassed in its ability to withstand the most concentrated burglary attacks on door and body. Megasafe manufactures an additional variety of U.L. tested high security safes and vaults. With Megasafe Industries you enjoy a track record of manufacturing, supplying and servicing high security safes. . . since 1914.


The Jewelers TL-30 door is constructed of inner and outer electrically welded steel plates enclosing Megasafe’s new superior barrier composite material CS-12000. In addition to the CS-1 2000 monolith, the entire door is covered by drill resistive "megasteel" antipenetration plates and our "Z" reinforcement bars. The entire door has overall thickness of 7. 1" (180 mm). The combination of Megasafe’s barrier materials provide the door a unique strength to protect against tool and torch attacks.


The Jewelers TL-30 body is construted of inner and outer electrically welded steel plates including our "Z" reinforcement bars welded to the inner and outer body. The inner body is protected by a unique barrier encorporating Megasafe's CS 12000 monolith and the reinforcement special alloy grid perform a 3 ” (90 mm) extra unique solid and strong body. ½


The Jewelers TL-30 is equipped with an Underwriters Laboratories Group 1 manipulation proof combination lock with key locking dial, and a maximum security key changing key lock with removable bit. As an option a U.L. listed electronically activated pushbutton lock can be supplied to exchange combination or keylock.


Megasafe's patented "solo" 3 way push and pull locking mechanism activates massive 1 " (38 mm) bolts. A continuous, reinforced interlocking rail secures the door on the hinge side. The vital mechanism areas are protected by a glass plate. An attack by tool, torch or explosives will shatter the glass activating four relocking devices thus preventing the safe from ½ being opened. In addition, both locks are connected to two live relockers. A floating connection between the locks and the live relockers ensure that every time the safe is locked, the relocks will move into the locked position. For additional lock protection and control. every door is prepared to accept a time delay lock.


The Megasafe Jewelers TL-30 safe was successfully fire and heat tested for two hours according to the most difficult standards.


Adjustable/removable shelves are standard, plus a variety of drawers, lockers, and interior compartments are available as optional extras.