Keep your firearms locked up and away from children yet accessible to you anytime.

Megsafe’s Gun Safes store your guns protected from theft or damage with superior design.

  • Solid Wood Riffle barrel Rest and Butt rest
  • 3mm (11 Gauge) solid construction
  • 2 holes on bottom and back for anchorage to the floor or wall (anchoring hardware included)
  • Solid Steel Heavy Duty Hinges on Exterior
  • 30mm (1 3/16") chrome plated bolts with 6 active bolts and 4 fixed bolts on hinge side
  • Choose from Easy to use digital lock or robust mechanical combination lock
  • Felt Floor Mat for Protection of Riffle Butt

  • 3 colors to choose from: burgundy red, dark blue-green, black
  • LED lighting available as an optional extra


Sizes Available:

GK5 Outside Dimensions: H: 1400mm x W: 550mm x D: 420mm

GK7 Outside Dimensions: H: 1500mm x W: 760mm x D: 560mm

*Add 60mm for handle

Model Shown: GK5