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The HS Gun Safe is constructed of inner and outer electronically welded steel plates including our “Z” reinforcement bars cover the entire door. A manganese hardened steel plate protects the lock and mechanism area from drilling. The door has an overall thickness of 6" (150mm) with a protective barrier of 2 ½" (65mm). The combination of the barrier materials provides the door a unique strength to protect against excessive burglary attacks.


The HS Series body is constructed of inner and outer electrically welded steel plates including our “Z” reinforcement bars welded to the inner and outer body that together with the monolith composite material form a 2 ¾ ” (70mm) thick wall creating an exceptionally strong body.


Megasafe’s patented 3 way, laser-cut locking mechanism activates massive 1 3/8” (35mm) bolts. Static bolts secure the door on the hinge side. A glass plate protects the vital mechanism area. An attack by tool, torch or explosives will shatter the glass activating the relocking devices thus preventing the safe from being opened. Finally, each bolt locks into individual chambers in the frame.


The HS Series is equipped with a Group 2 U.L.-listed combination lock. Each safe has a ready preparation for fitting an optional secondary U.L.-listed key lock. A U.L.-Listed electronic combination lock can also be equipped on the safe as an optional extra.

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