A transfer safe is used for added security to quickly and safely transfer goods or valuables between the exterior and interior of a building.

The goods in transit have an increased level of security by limiting the time they are exposed to risk to a minimum.

Once the valuables have been placed inside the transit safe from the outside, an authorized person inside the building retrieves the valuables from the transit safe and the valuables are safely stored inside the building. Also it works vise versa where establishments need to safely transfer surplus of money or deposits from inside the building to the exterior side of the building directly to the awaiting vehicle.

Applications include installations in banks, casinos and gamming, retail supermarket chains, postal offices and other governmental and non-governmental establishments.

The safe can be installed within a wall or glass display.

Model shown HS-100T

Standard Size Dimensions:

Height: 100cm

Wide: 60cm

Deep: 55cm